Did you know that there is a phone line for pharmaceutical assistance?


Linha 1400 is a telephone service that emerged in March 2020, in a project promoted by Pharmacies, the Ministry of Health and local health units in the North of the country, extended to the entire national territory, due to the pandemic crisis caused by Covid-19.

It is a free service, which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, promoting proximity between the user and the pharmacy, thus ensuring safety, accessibility and speed.

How does the Linha 1400 work?

Linha 1400 establishes contact with the preferred pharmacy indicated by the user, enabling the patient’s contact with the pharmacist to collect medicines or health products, at the pharmacy or even to be delivered at home.

The service makes it possible for users to find medicines that are urgent and have reduced availability in a quick and convenient way and, more recently, to identify pharmacies providing the rapid antigen testing service.

Through this same line, it is possible to obtain information about the 24-hour pharmacies, identifying those that are closest and with availability to respond immediately to users' requests (reservations or orders), thus avoiding unnecessary travel or waiting.

Linha 1400 is a service that is here to stay and is a new gateway to the pharmacy.