ITREB and Womens Activities Portfolio got together on Saturday, March 12, starting celebrations for Navroz 2022, by teaching and making sherbet with the children from Talim classes.

Launching the event with an explanation of what Navroz signifies, the first day of spring marked by the equinox.  The day is meant to celebrate the event when the sun crosses the celestial equator, marking the birth of “A new Day”, literal translation, for Muslims around the globe.  As part of a long established custom, “roji” and “sakar” are usually distributed to the jamat highlighting the spirit of prosperity, barakat and kindness.

Gathered around three tables, with all the ingredients, the students actively and very enthusiastically participated in the preparation of sherbet, happily mixing the ice cream with milk, rose essence and all the other elements, sharing the final product with the guests present and distributing takeaway bottles for their parents at home. 

Navroz Mubarak!