If lifelong learning is part of your way of being, then this suggestion is for you!


The Aga Khan Museum takes us on a journey through Islamic Art, showing us what lies behind word and image in the different forms of art - from architecture to calligraphy. We are suggesting three courses, which you can take online and at your own pace.

Islamic art, in its different aspects, is very rich in symbolism and meaning. Each line, each colour, each word takes on greater meaning when we understand what is behind each vision and the purpose of each one.

The Aga Khan Museum, through its curators, offers us several courses on Islamic art that help us not only to gain basic concepts of art, but also to learn about the history of the various Islamic civilizations that, over time, have given shape and colour and meaning to life - helping us to better understand our Islamic identity.

The Aga Khan Museum's Learning Academy platform has several courses available, of which we propose thee:

  • Islamic Art 101 – where you will be able to explore the geography and history of the Islamic world through the lens of Art.
  • Word and Image in Islamic Art – Explore the ways in which artists from the dawn of Islam in the 7th century to the present day have navigated the realms of the visual and the verbal.
  • Islamic Architecture, Past to Present – develop your appreciation for the beauty and influence of architectural wonders from across the Muslim world.

You can find out about all available courses as well as registration details here.