Born in Portugal, Khairunissa, early on, discovered painting as a complement to her more rational and logic side. Music, Maths and Nature are some of her other passions. You will be able to contemplate the latter beautifully portrayed in her work. Come and get to know a little more about Khairunissa!



Khairunissa Jafar
Khairunissa Jafar

Born in Portugal in 1989, and started painting in 2004, at the DinRic Art Gallery.

She has essentially developed the technique of oil on canvas, with occasional work with acrylic on canvas and charcoal on paper.

The artist has been displayed in various exhibitions in venues such as the Lisbon Ismaili Center, Instituto Superior Técnico, Flor da Murta Palace, Verney Municipal Gallery, Carnaxide Civic Center, amongst others.

In a broader sense, the artist seeks in art a complement to her logical thinking and passion for music, nature and mathematics.