One of Elderly Care's goals has been to strengthen partnerships and join efforts and cooperation for the common good, in order to develop knowledge sharing.


Currently, being a senior is a challenge on many levels. In the midst of this particularly exceptional context in all our lives, programs and online sessions have been promoted in order to meet the most pressing needs of seniors, so that they remain positive, committed and healthy during the pandemic, proving that we are part of a community in which we care about each other.

The ability of these seniors to adapt to new technologies, and in particular to be online during sessions, has been very important in mitigating the harmful effects of isolation.

As part of the senior’s development process, it is important to consider not only the biological, psychological and social dimensions, but also, and above all, the spiritual dimension.

In addition to all the information/training/entertainment programs, and being essential to fill this last dimension, a new challenge was arose: the seniors needed to have continuous access to the contents of our faith.

In synergy with ITREB, the “KEY” project, IIS secondary curriculum, was developed to help people learn about the history of our faith and its practices, as well as the contribution of Muslims in the past.

Therefore, on December 10th the seniors took part in a KEY session with the theme: “Prophet Muhammad in Mecca”, where they addressed, among other themes, the life of the Prophet in Mecca, the beginning of his mission and the similarities of his teachings with the message of Mawlana Hazar Imam.

Solidarity and volunteering were also referred to as being part of our spiritual faith and culture. Therefore, seniors have been volunteering through a partnership between Elderly Care and Jamati Services.

In addition to the intrinsic rewards of helping others, volunteering promotes physical and mental health, helping seniors to live more active lives.

These partnerships reinforce the proximity of several generations, of which we are all a part of as ONE JAMAT.