Self-taught since 1985, Gulnar has dedicated herself entirely to her passion – painting – since the year 2000, as a way of life. Spirituality is ever present in her art, which can be, very clearly, perceived, in her choice of themes for the collections she creates. Come and find out more about Gulnar.


Gulnar Sacoor

Gulnar Sacoor

Born in Mozambique and living in Portugal since 1974. 

Started self-taught in 1985, the artist dedicated herself fully to her passion – painting – from the year 2000, as a way of life. 

In the process of her evolution, she has participated many painting, drawing and art history courses, and used diverse techniques, focusing now on the use of acrylics, mixed media and collages. 

The artist has been displayed in various individual and collective exhibitions, with special highlight: Fórum Picoas, Galeria de Arte da Trindade, Livraria Barata, Centro Cultural da Malaposta, INDEG, SNBA, Galerias do Palácio Sotto Mayor, Tinturaria (Covilhã), Centro Ismaili de Lisboa, Campus de Justiça, private exhibitions in Lisbon, Canadá and Dubai. 

She is also represented in private and official collections like the Portuguese and Mozambican Presidency, Ministry of Culture, Lisbon’s Mayorship, Metropolitano Lisboa and in private collections both in Portugal and abroad.

She has recently been interviewed by Radio Movimento Online. You can hear the interview in:

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