Global Encounters was created by Mawlana Hazar Imam during the Diamond Jubilee in 2017, bringing together flagship international programmes under one Institution, with the aim of uniting the Jamat through transformative experiences that enhance and promote all Ismailis' shared identity, global presence, individual talent and spirit, uplifting the communities in which we live.

During his Diamond Jubilee, Mowlana Hazar Imam established Global Encounters, bringing together internationally renowned programmes under the umbrella of a single institution.

Global Encounters offers inspiring programmes such as International Camps, Jubilee Games and Jubilee Arts - which connect Jamat and celebrate our collective identity and individual talents.
We are very pleased to announce the launch of Global Encounters' first fundraising campaign, 'Giving is Uplifting!

We invite you to contribute and be part of this new institution. Your generous contribution will help to:

  • Reduce costs and extend opportunities to all Jamat members who participate;
  • Encourage young people to achieve excellence in arts and sports;
  • Create leadership opportunities for young people;
  • Contribute to global initiatives such as festivals, camps and Heritage Journeys.
  • Providing scholarship programmes and financial support.

Contributions of any amount are welcome and we encourage you to become a regular contributor.

We are pleased to share that for anyone that gives at the patron level of 18€/month or more, Global Encounters will plant micro-forests in their honour. It will be a powerful symbol of promise and the limitless possibilities ahead!

To learn more, visit or contact the convenor Naim Patel through +351915263621.

To find out more, visit and stay tuned to TheIsmaili Portugal's social media.
Your contribution will strengthen and elevate the global Jamat for years to come!