Who is eligible to participate in Sparks of Talent?

Members of the Ismaili Community in the Portuguese jurisdiction (Portugal, Spain and Angola) are qualified to participate in the event regardless of their nationality, origin and mother tongue. This extends to the members of their respective household, independent of the faith they may practice.

How old should I be to be on Sparks of Talent as an artist?

There is no minimum age to participate as an artist at the showcase. Any artist under the age of eighteen (18), as of submission date, will be considered a minor, and is most welcome to participate in the program, as long as they possess a written authorization by their respective legal guardians.

Can I change my submission after being sent?

No, the work cannot be changed after submission. However, until the date of the showcase some readjustments can be made, that are considered appropriate by both the participant and the Sparks of Talent organization, taking into account that there should be no change in its essence.

How do I submit my work?

The artist must fill out the application form through https://forms.gle/mGnZnXNWwcL7Wvju9 and submit their works (videos and photos) via WeTransfer using the following recipient: [email protected].

For any submitted item, it is mandatory to send a video of your performance.

In the case of a static exhibition (painting, photography, sculpture, handicrafts, among others), the video must be accompanied by photographs. For such cases, the video consists of a demonstration of the entire creative process, in which the artist will have the opportunity to address the following topics: what inspired you, what materials you used for your creation, what symbology is present and other relevant considerations you intend to share.

In the case of minors, a written authorization by the legal guardian is mandatory, which must be sent together through the same channels.

How does the submission process work and what are the available categories?

Submissions may be considered for the following categories: voice, dance, instrument and creative arts. The “creative arts” category should be considered for entries that include more than one of the previously mentioned categories and/or any other category that is not mentioned above (illusionism, poetry, painting, sculpture, photography, others…).

For your clarification:

  1 category 2+ categories (= artes criativas)
1 video 1 form 1 form
2+ videos 1 form per video 1 form per video

The Sparks of Talent organizing team reserves the right to select only 1 item per individual/group.

Should videos be submitted in a specific format?

Yes. The recording must be in HD and not 4K, horizontal standard position, steady position with the tripod/support.

In which language should I present my work?

Your video can be presented in any language. However, all the works that will be displayed as part of the Sparks of Talent showcase must be accompanied by a short introduction/explanation in Portuguese and/or English or translated into one of those languages.

In which language can I complete my application form?

The application form should, preferably, be completed in Portuguese, English or Spanish.

What are the steps of the process?

  • 13tMarch 2022 – deadline for work submission.
  • From 13 March to 21 March 2022 – Sparks of Talent organization team will carry out the assessment of the submitted items for mentoring and improvement.
  • 21 March 2022 – Deadline for Sparks of Talent organization team to contact artists about their submission.
  • 2 and 3 April 2022 – Live auditions with mentors who will give some advice/guidance on how to improve the items until the day of the showcase.
  • 21 May 2022 – Dress rehearsal
  • 22 May 2022 - Sparks of Talent at the Ismaili Centre

The Sparks of Talent organization team reserves the right to change dates in the event of any unforeseen circumstances and may extend or shorten the established deadlines. All changes will be duly and timely communicated to all participants, through the appropriate channels for the purpose.

Are there any restrictions on the content to be presented in Sparks of Talent?

All content must be deemed appropriate for audiences of all ages.

Following are some examples of content that would not be considered appropriate for the Sparks of Talent:

  • Images of the Imams or the Noorani family
  • Clear images of children (under 18) used in film submissions, without the documented consent of a parent or legal guardian
  • Foul or offensive images or language (e.g., nudity, excessive violence, sexually suggestive images or language, profanity)
  • Subliminal messages to inappropriate or offensive statements
  • Sexually suggestive or other provocative dance moves
  • Content that has implied meanings/messages that are deemed inappropriate

There may be additional examples of content that is deemed inappropriate, based on parameters established by the National Council, and not included in the above non-exhaustive list.

Please note that the Sparks of Talent organization reserves the right to disqualify a submission that is considered inappropriate, even if it is not mentioned in the above list.

Does my submission for Sparks of Talent need to be an original work?


On which criteria will my item be based for appreciation?

All works will be assessed based on the following criteria: 

  • Originality, creativity, and quality in the performances
  • Compliance with the set of rules defined in this document 
  • Aesthetics

What should I do if I still have questions?

In that case, please contact the Sparks of Talent organization team – ERAC – via [email protected].