In the midst of the stressful routine of your everyday life, it is important to take time out for yourself. Recently, Fnac and Kobo developed a digital library available for kids and adults. Why not take this opportunity and your time and start reading a book?


With your remote work, the growth of household chores and the necessary accompaniment of your children’s education, it is important for you to organize your day and take some time for yourself, so you can rest, decompress and enjoy other activities. An example of an activity to relax can be reading a book. It is both a way to learn and to get to know the world a little more, as well as a way to relax and enjoy your free time. With this in mind, Fnac and Kobo created a digital library, available to everyone, with more than 260 thousand books, from authors from António Lobo Antunes to Eça de Queirós, both in audio and digital format. The majority of books are available in English, but there are still a few in Portuguese.

This digital library can be accessed through the Fnac website or through the Kobo page, where you will have to register and then download the books and/or the app, available for all iOS or Android devices. Enjoy and start reading digitally: a growing reality in Portugal, which continues to gain supporters with confinement!