The Aga Khan Education Board is pleased to announce a partnership with St Andrews English School:


• Enrolment offer and 30% discount on tuition in English courses for children.
• Enrolment offer and 23% discount on the monthly fee of Bilingual ATL (Bilingual ATL has English classes, music, computer classes, study support and tutoring, fine arts and recreational activities)
• Computer courses and a 30% discount on our children's monthly fee.


• Enrollment offer and 20% discount on one level (3 months) for adults
• Enrollment offer, 30% discount and offer of an extra level for trainees who acquire 3 levels.

These Courses include:

• Includes certificate recognized by INEFOP
• Unlimited access to the digital platform
• Online or Face-to-Face Training.

St. Andrews English School currently has 4 training centers – 2 for adults and 2 for children.
• For adults they are located in Maculusso and Talatona;
• For children in Alvalade and Talatona;

E-mail: [email protected]