The year is ending, and our art gallery is almost one year old. Before closing out the year and taking stock (which seems to have been very positive, but we'll talk about it next week) we want to publish two more huge artists! Come and discover the work of Sara Venturini and Azzam Alsharani.


If you didn't have the chance to be at the presentation of her most recent book – Folhas de Chá – which took place on December 4th, you now have the opportunity to peek a little into Sara Venturini's most recent work.

With a language so rich and so deep, yet accessible at the same time, Sara's texts create such clear, rich and emotional images in our minds and hearts. It is indeed a pleasure to read her texts.

In addition to getting to know a little more about Sara Venturini, you can explore here one of her stories – A Daughter of Basra – from her most recent book, Folhas de Chá.

The second artist we introduce you to is Azzam Alsharani. Coming from Syria, he is an engineer by profession, but a true artist by vocation.
His watercolors are also very rich. His paintings tell stories, make us feel the nostalgia he feels, and, at the same time, the sweetness and purity with which he sees the world.

Get to know here a little more about Azzam Alsharani.