From the Portuguese words “Elevar” and “Arte”, that mean Exalt and Art. ElevAr-te.

Português Spanish

ERAC, External Relations, Art & Culture, has the pleasure to present ElevArte, our Virtual Gallery. It is a new format, adapted to current circumstances, that wishes to promote a closer contact between Art lovers and Art authors and creators, by exhibiting the work of our artists.

With this gallery, we wish to turn Art accessible to all! We will have the presence of some artists that you may already know. We will also promote new talents, outside and inside the community, professionals and non-professionals, but all with experience and with a portfolio. 

The ElevArte gallery is a space where the artists, exhibiting their work, will be sharing with us not only their passion for art but also the way it reflects their views. Even more, maybe, it will open way for other anonymous artists to share their different forms of art and, who knows, inspire them towards something new. 

It will be a rich, creative, and dynamic space, were we promise to offer you, through a simple click, various names that will surely surprise you!

Do you like to create? We want to know you!
If you like painting, sculpture, photography or video and have a portfolio, share your work with us. Send us an email to: [email protected]. We would love to know your work.


We reserve the right to not publish your work if:
- They may hurt susceptibilities and different cultural sensibilities
- They are not aligned with the criteria and premises laid down by elevArte gallery (namely, but not limited to dimension of the portfolio, artistic quality, etc.)