On the occasion of Imamat Day 11th July 2022, we launch the seventh issue of the Spain Jamat Newsletter

As Shiʿi Imami Nizari Ismaili Muslims, we celebrate Imamat Day on 11th July. This year, we commemorate an exceptional event: the 65th anniversary of the accession to the Ismaili Imamat of Mawlana Hazir Imam, Aga Khan IV.



Dear Spain Jamat, Ya Ali Madad,

The seventh issue of the Jamat of Spain Newsletter, begins with seven articles that illustrate the impressive milestones in these 65 years of Imamat. Each article focuses on a decade of our Imam's vision, illustrating the tireless work he has done since his appointment in 1957. Mawlana Hazir Imam has not only guided and led the global jamat, he has also created a network of institutions to foster development, to improve quality of life and to promote knowledge about Islamic civilization and enable dialogue in the world.

The next article deals with the meanings of the concept of walaya, a fundamental concept in the Shiʿi Ismaili vision of Islam, and how this concept appears in ancient texts as equivalent to "Imamat." After that, we have two Sufi tales: one tale illustrates what ignorance about immortality can provoke and the other tale makes us think about intelligence and understanding. Our primary Ta'lim students share with us their calligraphy drawings of the Shahada, the Ahl al-Bayt, Ali's name and scenes from Ghadir Kumm, where the Prophet Muhammad declared: “For whom I am the master, now Ali is his master.” In the legal section, we have included the announcement from the Ismaili International Conciliation and Arbitration Board (ICAB) regarding the Guidelines for Ethical Wealth Transfer and Inheritance Planning. The youth section informs about the virtual camp for the youth of the world jamat: CONNECT 2022. The fith section, on the environment includes an article about the recent UN meeting, in Lisbon – with the aim of carrying out a sustainable conservation of our Oceans and the world's resources – which was attended by Prince Hussain, Prince Rahim and Prince Aly Muhammad. The last section of the newsletter “Did you know ... ? It is an informative review of the book A Short history of the Ismailis. Traditions of a Muslim community, translated into Spanish.

Imamat Day is an occasion to celebrate, to reinforce our devotion, to give thanks to our Imam for his work – a source of inspiration in our lives. Being our constant guide through difficult periods, he has always prepared us to face the future with confidence, strength and hope. It is also an occasion to reflect on the blessings we receive and what we have in common as a global jamat. The fact that as Ismailis we have emerged as a modern community – spread over more than 25 countries in the world – with our own religious identity, is testimony to the resilience and solidity of our ethics and traditions, as well as the capacity to adapt to the times, under the guidance and leadership of Mawlana Hazir Imam.

We wish you all good health, happiness, prosperity, unity, peace, strength and stability, now and always.

Imamat Day Mubarak!