Editorial - Newsletter of Spain Jamat, 5th Edition

Ya ali Madad!

Salgirah Mubarak! The auspicious occasion of the 85th Anniversary of our beloved Mawlana Hazar Imam, offers an opportunity for us to reflect on the extraordinary bond that each one of us has with our beloved Hazar Imam and to draw inspiration from his example


We launch the 5th edition of the Newsletter of the Spain Jamat, coinciding with Salgirah 13th December 2021.

Since the eruption of COVID-19, many have experienced physical and mental illnesses as well as economic challenges. We trust and pray that you are keeping safe and well. It is important that we take care of ourselves, exercising body and mind, paying attention to our emotions, practicing compassion and gratitude, sharing our knowledge, helping those in need, caring for the environment and dedicating time to our regular prayers; in short, that we follow the ethics of our faith.

With warmest wishes of happiness, good health, peace and stability to all members of the Spain Jamat.

The Communications team of Spain Jamat and the National Council Member of Portugal for Spain. 

Thank you and Salgirah Mubarak!