If you have children up to 5 years old, or if you are expecting a child, then you are a part of our ECD Families! This survey was made thinking about your family.

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What is ECD?

Early Childhood Development refers to the development of children from 0 to 8 years old, in the physical, motor, cognitive and social emotional domains, and has been subject of great attention and importance in recent years by the scientific community, as well as by Mawlana Hazar Imam.

Thus, the Aga Khan Education Board for Portugal (AKEB) is staffed with specialists who designed a survey, in collaboration with ITREB, with the aim of knowing more about our ECD Families, of better serving them and understanding their interests and needs.

You can access the questionnaire, in the language of your preference, by clicking on the links below:

Your collaboration in responding to the survey is of the utmost importance to enhance the service provided by AKEB.

The survey must be completed only once by each family and carried out jointly by the father and mother, if possible, until October 24th.

In case of doubts or clarifications, please contact the AKEB/ECD Team: [email protected]

We thank you for your attention and collaboration.