Gostaria participar num dos empolgantes cursos de curta duração, disponíveis como parte do Programa de Educação Contínua do IIS? Então continue a ler.

As supporters of the IIS, you or your family members may be interested in attending one of our exciting short courses, available as part of the IIS's Continuing Education Programme.

In 2021 we will be offering eight bespoke courses (of which six will be run online via Zoom), which include:

  • Shari‘a: Development of Fiqh and Ethics in Muslim Contexts
  • Shi‘i Islam: Thought, Beliefs and Practice
  • Introduction to Islam
  • The Qu'ran and its Interpretations
  • Trends in Education about Islam: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Educational Evaluation
  • Exploring Ismaili History: Walking in the Footsteps of the Fatimids
  • Understanding Culture

These short courses are designed to introduce participants to a social, cultural and civilizational approach to the study of Islam and Muslim societies, with a particular focus on Ismaili contexts.

The courses offer participants with an academically rigorous curriculum, accessible resources and expert faculty members, drawn primarily from the IIS and, where relevant, from external academic institutions.

Eligibility Criteria: The programme is open to members of the Jamat with an undergraduate degree, and proficiency in English.

Key dates: Courses run from April through December. The application deadline for the first three courses is 15 February 2021.

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