23rd may, 4:30 PM at Ismaili TV.

Diversity is all around us. It’s not just through migrations and the arrival of murids from other countries, with different cultures and traditions that we find diversity. It is there in the midst of our own families. As a community, that we are, that shares the same faith, we must take advantage of this cultural richness to grow, to become better people, creating empathy with each other and promoting a more welcoming attitude. 

Mawlana Hazar Imam has been sensitizing us to the concept of diversity within the #OneJamat. 

For the week dedicated to Pluralism and Cultural Diversity – “One Jamat. A Million Voices” – we have prepared two very special programs.


Conversations at the Ismaili Centre
How communities grow through cultural diversity

In the first program, we will hear four stories and explore how these enrich our life as a community. Stories with different origins and life experiences, and all of them with contact points with the history of our Imams and of our community.

Come and meet Munissa from Tajikistan, Mai from Syria, Rahim from Portugal, and Pasquale, from Italy. What can they have in common with you? Many things!! Come and find out more, at 4:30 PM (GMT) on the Ismaili TV.