International Women's Day is almost here! The two proposals we bring you this week reflect on the joys and afflictions of women using Frida Kahlo's life as a central focus. We’ll tell you everything you need to know!


The first proposal takes place at Colectivo 284, at Rua das Amoreiras 72 A, in Lisbon. It is called “Imperfeita 1.2”, from March 8 to April 10, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and with a varied program from the exhibition, through the launch of a book with texts by women who write about their achievements, music, among others.

You can check the schedule on the art gallery's facebook page (collective 284). Entry is free!

The second proposal is for Porto, for now, but soon it will also reach Lisbon. On the 10th of March, an immersive exhibition with photos, video images, installations and screens projected by Frida Kahlo opens at Immersivus, at Alfândega do Porto.

“These are interactive and participatory experiences, of virtual reality, holographic animations and videomapping in sculptures. Each of these experiences reveals one of the aspects of Frida Kahlo's life and, at the same time, consecrates the contribution to a more generalized knowledge about her existence as an iconic artist ”(in

Tickets for Porto are now available at:

This exhibition will also come to Lisbon and will open on the 29th of September.