This book is the first collection of biographies of all the Ismaili Imams, from those living during the formative period of Islam, through to the hidden Imams of the first ‘period of concealment’ when their public identities remained guarded, to the Imam-caliphs of the illustrious Fatimid dynasty, and those of the Alamut period, up to the Aga Khans of modern times.


The Ismailis are a major Shi‘i Muslim community in the world today, settled in over 25 countries across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America. They are the only Muslims to have a living hereditary spiritual guide, the Nizari Ismaili Imam.

The Ismaili Imams brings together the scattered results of modern scholarship in the field of Ismaili studies, providing a simple and clear resource for both the Ismailis themselves and for general readers, as well as being a useful work of reference for scholars. This extensively illustrated book presents a series of concise narratives recounting the lives, actions and legacies of all 49 Ismaili Imams, and through them, of the Ismaili community’s history and heritage.

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