Coming from Syria, and after a troubled period of migration, Azzam shares with us his way of seeing the world around him. And, as you will see from his paintings, he has not lost his charm for the world and for life. His canvases transmit life and beauty! Come and get to know a little more about Azzam Alshaarani.



Azzam Alshaarani

My name is Azzam Alshaarani, I’m from Syria, and I’m a mechanical engineer as a profession.

I started drawing as a child. At that time, everything in nature caught my attention… the sky, the clouds, the trees, the rain, and the birds.

I participated and held many exhibitions.

More recently, I have been enjoying drawing people, cities, and neighbourhoods in order to document phases in the history of our cities and shed light on the beautiful things around us.

I love water and its movement with colour, light and shadows that is why I paint with watercolours. My dream is to become an artist that leaves a beautiful trail for people.