ITREB Portugal is delighted to introduce AWAKEN - An Adult Learning Program, a remarkable opportunity that invites you to embark on a dynamic exploration of our faith.

Inspired by the profound wisdom of Mawlana Hazar Imam, who once remarked, "There is a human impulse it seems -- fed by fear -- to define 'identity' in negative terms. We often determine 'who we are' by determining who we are against ”.  At Awaken, we invite you to rewrite this narrative by adopting a learner-centered approach that uncovers the richness and depth of our faith. Mawlana Hazar Imam also states, “…And often the more secure we are in our own identities, the more effective we can be in reaching out to others." Hence, the program contributes towards empowering the Jamat to feel more secure in their own identities and in communicating with others.

Our approach: Unlearn, Relearn, Renew

Awaken encourages you to embark on an intellectual journey—one that challenges you to unlearn, relearn, and ultimately renew your faith commitments. Whether your aim is to reaffirm your existing beliefs or explore fresh perspectives, our program provides a fertile ground for this.

Challenge and Expand Your Horizons

Within Awaken, you will engage in intellectual inquiry like never before. It's an opportunity to question your own assumptions, broaden your horizons, and delve into the profound traditions that shape our faith. We invite you to walk this path that nurtures both reaffirmation and exploration.

What to Anticipate

Dynamic Approach: Our program is thoughtfully crafted to address frequently asked questions from the Jamat, ensuring that you feel supported in finding the answers you seek for.

Engaging Discussions: Connect with fellow Jamati members for meaningful conversations that foster a sense of community and shared understanding.

Resources and Facilitators: Benefit from the wealth of resources offered by the IIS and the guidance of trained facilitators who will accompany you on this enlightening journey.

Are you prepared to take the next step in your spiritual journey? Awaken eagerly awaits your participation, promising a fresh perspective and a profound connection to the timeless wisdom of our faith.
Join us in embracing the transformative power of knowledge and inquiry!