As published in the Presidential Decree N 112/22 of May 16th  Angola Declares the End of the State of Public Calamity

Here are the main changes decreed by the Angolan Government:

• End of the mandatory use of mask in open spaces.
• Vaccinations are recommended for all citizens, from the age of 12, and the presentation of the certificate is mandatory to access various places.
•  Entry into the national territory continues to be dependent on carrying out a pre-boarding test (RT-PCR), with a negative result, within 72 hours prior to the trip, with passengers also subject to carry out a post-landing test (antigen) which is now free of charge.
• Passengers in transit in the national territory are exempted from carrying out the antigen test, however the presentation of the RT-PCR test is mandatory, in cases where the country of destination, transit or the airline requires it.

Source: Presidential Decree 112/22