The Global Encounters Festival 2024 (GE Festival) is a high calibre global sports tournament advocating excellence, healthy competition and sportsmanship by complying with international standards established by the various international sports federations.

The Rules of Golf are based on international standards published by the Royal and Ancient (R&A). In the event there is any conflict between the GE Festival Rules and Regulations (“GE Festival Rules”) and the Rules of Golf, the GE Festival Rules will govern.

Age Categories being offered during the GE Festival and their relevant birthday cut-off dates for participation:

Age Category

Under 18 (14 to 17 years)

  • Born between 1 June 2006 and 31 May 2010

18 plus is defined as

  • Born on or before 31 May 2006

Slot Allotments

Each jurisdiction is allotted four (4) slots per age group and category for Golf.

Under 18 (14-17)

  • Girls 4
  • Boys 4

18 plus

  • Women's 4
  • Men's 4


  • Golf tournament will consist of men's stroke play and women's stroke play
  • Golf will be conducted in tournament stroke format where the athlete who plays the stipulated round in the fewest strokes is the winner
  • All Athletes will participate in one (1) competitive round
  • Handicaps are not recognized
  • In the event of rain delay or cancellation where all athletes are unable to complete a given round, that round shall stand null and void in the overall evaluation of results
  • An athlete's gross score refers to the total number of strokes taken during one (1) round of golf, plus any penalty strokes
  • In the event of a tie in the winning total gross score, a sudden death playoff will ensue at the conclusion of the final round. The playoff shall commence at the first hole and continue until a winner is determined
  • Golf carts will be provided to all athletes as per course regulations
  • Each athlete shall provide their own golf balls for the tournament and a one-ball rule applies where a golfer shall play with the same brand, make, and model of the golf ball that they started the round with
  • Top Four (4) athletes form each age group and category will qualify to participate in Jubilee Games 2024

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