Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board for Pakistan (AKYSBP) is pleased to announce a call for submissions for online series of Heritage Discovery Programme in Pakistan. The theme of this year’s discovery is “Food Culture”. Food Culture is an important part of cultural heritage that creates a connection between ethnicity, attitudes, beliefs, and practices surrounding food production and consumption. Food can also help us make friends and help us communicate with others within and outside the communities.

Due to COVID-19, Heritage Discovery Programme will explore the rich heritage of food through online participation. Youth in Pakistan can share stories about their food cultures and reconnect with their culinary heritage during the Pandemic.

We would like to know about your food culture around the following ceremonies and rituals:

1) Islamic Occasions (Eid, Ramzan)
2) Weddings
3) Traditional Food items (Sohan halwa, Fitti, Harisa etc.)
4) Jamati occasions (Navroz, Salgirah, Imamat Day etc.)
5) Cultural occasions (Chirag-e-Roshan, Basant, tooth ceremony etc.)


1. Visual Storytelling (Age categories: 8-16, 17-25)

1.1 Storytelling through a word document and photographs
Share a story about a food item that is unique, or tell us how you reconnected with a traditional food during the Pandemic? What is the recipe if it’s a dish? Has your food culture travelled with you if you have migrated? Can you name a dish or a food item necessary for your traditional rituals and ceremonies like birth, wedding, etc.? Submit 2-3 photos of any traditional food item unique to your culture and explain the dish and its significance in your culture by writing two paragraphs under each photo. Please share your story if you are helping to revive your traditional food items. Young chefs are encouraged to apply.

1.2 Presentation (Age Categories: 12-14, 15-25)
Prepare a 10-slide presentation about your traditional food culture around a ritual or a ceremony. Participants can record slides in Pecha Kucha style. Pecha Kucha, the Japanese term for the sound of conversation (“chit chat”) began in Tokyo, back in 2003, based on the philosophy of ‘show more and talk less'. The Pecha Kucha 20x20 is a creative yet simple visual presentation format where a presenter shows 20 images, each for 20 seconds. For details visit

2. Short films and short documentaries – Food stories (Age category: 17-25)

Submit your short films and documentaries of no longer than 4-5 minutes to tell a story about your food culture. Have you documented a ceremonial food preparation in a video? Have you created a short film to document your traditional food items? If you already have a story then you can submit links to published material or share video via google drive.

15 December 2021

Submit entries on the following link:

1. All entrants will participate in our virtual engagement programme. We will carry discussions, displays and meet businessmen and women who have used this skill set to preserve their culture and obtain their livelihood. We will form a cohort of participants from this year for them to stay in touch, take inspiration, and achieve their goals in the future. In case of any queries, you can contact [email protected] 

2. The top three entries in each category will receive a surprise gift/or a prize