DJSF National Games Opening Ceremony

The Diamond Jubilee Sports Festival (DJSF) National Games kicked off in Islamabad earlier this week with a grand opening ceremony and cultural show that attracted huge crowds. Regional Teams from all over Pakistan participated in an atmosphere of sportsmanship and team spirit as athletes geared up for the all-important matches ahead.

The National Games of DJSF in Islamabad were launched with a grand opening ceremony that featured a parade by the teams, addresses by Jamati leaders and a cultural performance. The event was graced by Pakistani sporting legend Janahgir Khan, widely considered to be the greatest player in the history of squash. The six-times World Open winner holds the record for longest unbeaten streak (5 years) by any athlete in top-level professional sports. Khan advised competitors that there are no shortcuts to sporting success. The 1400 athletes participating in this grande finale to the Diamond Jubilee Sports Festival took an oath dedicated to sporting behaviour and watched at the Games torch was lit. These athletes have made it through months of qualifying rounds at local and regional level and will be fighting for medals in 17 sports.