A model competition was organised by the Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board for Amynabad in the respective Jamatkhana on the 24th and 25th of January, 2020. The competition aimed to create awareness about the global network of Ismaili Centres in the cities of Dubai, Dushanbe, Lisbon, London, Toronto and Vancouver. Understanding the concept behind each Jamatkhana, built upon the history and heritage of the Ismaili tradition, provided the Jamat with the knowledge as well as the ability to convey the importance of architecture in modern-day society.

The detailed models of the Ismaili Centres portrayed both the idea behind its development as well as the intricacies of its architecture. For example, Charles Correa, the architect for the Ismaili Centre in Toronto, took Mawlana Hazar Imam’s vision from a quote by the great poet Rumi, “The light that lights the eye is also the light of the heart…but the light that lights the heart is the Light of God,” which he interpreted by including a crystalline, frosted glass dome and circular prayer hall to its structure. The synergistic relationship between the vision and reality created a space that was “dedicated to spiritual reflection and illuminate[d] the Prayer Hall and its Qibla wall.”

Various institutions worked together to create the models of their assigned Ismaili Centre including Amynabad Jamatkhana REC, Boy Scouts, and Light and Sound Committee. A small ceremony was organised in which institutions, Jamati leadership, guests and mentors were awarded with tokens of appreciation. After the ceremony, the models were displayed in Amynabad Jamatkhana, as well as Darkhana Jamatkhana, for viewing. The replicas were highly regarded and appreciated by the Jamat.