Transforming Life - Story of Sirajuddin, Dubargar Upper Chitral

Publish date: 
Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Transforming Lives - Story of Sirajuddin

Sirajuddin, a resident of Dubargar, Upper Chitral used to travel to Islamabad in search of work, leaving behind his home for a better future. Despite all his efforts, he could not earn a sustainable wage.  Determined to improve his financial condition, Sirajuddin signed up to receive carpentry training under the Socio-Economic Development Programme (SEDP). He now works independently in his village and supports his family.

“During difficult times, a man is prepared to do anything,” says Sirajuddin.

The Socio-Economic Development Programme is an initiative of the Ismaili Council for Pakistan, whose primary goal is to improve the quality of life of remote communities in the mountainous regions of Pakistan. The aim is to uplift the marginalised communities from the vicious generational cycle of poverty and improve their overall socio-economic status by addressing issues around food and nutrition, health, education, youth development, income and habitat.

Therefore, skills training is a major component of SEDP to develop human resource with marketable skills. It includes formal and informal, short to medium-term training sessions in a variety of vocations such as automotive & bike repair, cosmetology, carpentry & furniture making, electrical training, hospitality & hotel management, midwifery, health technician, computer & IT and plumbing. These programmes have an impact not only on an individual’s income, but also enables access to quality education and health and improved social status in society.