On the occasion of World Health Day, we present the inspiring story of Lal Pari, the first Lady Healthcare Visitors from Shimshal Valley. Lal Pari devoted more than thirty years of her life to serving her community as in-charge of the civil dispensary, Lady Healthcare Visitor (LHV) and midwife before her recent retirement from the Health Department.

Growing up in a remote village with inadequate medical facilities, including no ambulance or labour room, Lal Pari dreamed of serving those in need. Despite facing numerous challenges, she persisted in delivering babies at people's homes, often carrying her own children on her back. She tirelessly fulfilled her duties at the dispensary, prepared meals for her family and collected wood from distant forests while volunteering to visit pregnant women at night without charging any additional fees.

She received traditional childbirth training from the Aga Khan Health Service in 1989-1990 and later worked as a Nursing Assistant at the District Headquarters Hospital in Gilgit. In 1999, she received training in midwifery from DHQ, followed by Lady Healthcare Worker training from Peshawar in 2000.

Lal Pari's commitment to serving her community made her an iconic figure in Shimshal Valley, becoming the first and only Lady Healthcare Worker from her village. Throughout her career, she successfully delivered approximately 800 babies without a single maternal or newborn death.

A testament to the significant impact that one person can have on a community, Lal Pari's unwavering dedication and sense of purpose inspired and touched the lives of many, creating a lasting legacy that will continue to inspire future generations to selflessly serve humanity.