The Rays of Light exhibition is set to open in Pakistan shortly, with the Jamat eager to view the acclaimed audio-visual depiction of the work of the Imamat over the last 60 years. This interactive exhibition features over 250 rare photographs along with engaging videos and multimedia clips, all of which provide extensive insights about the Ismaili community’s history and the work of the Aga Khan Development Network, which has always been particularly active in Pakistan. The exhibition highlights the tireless commitment of Mawlana Hazar Imam to encourage development through institutional action that embodies the social conscience of Islam.

“The exhibition is an opportunity for the Jamat and for the wider community within which it lives in Pakistan to learn about the work of the Imamat; the Islamic ethics, the principles and foundations upon which the Imamat and its institutions work. This exhibition demonstrates the work that the Imamat and the Ismaili community does both in Pakistan and around the world,” said Hafiz Sherali, President, Ismaili Council for Pakistan.

As one of the objectives of Rays of Light is to showcase the impact the Ismaili community has had within local communities, the launch of the exhibition will  be hosted at the Aga Khan University (AKU), a befitting location given that AKU was a project that was announced as part of Mawlana Hazar Imam's Silver Jubilee. In the 35 years since, it has transformed the landscape of healthcare and medical education in Pakistan and beyond.

The work of the Imamat in Pakistan has encompassed healthcare, education, heritage preservation, rural development and more. Diverse initiatives such as the restoration of the Altit and Baltit forts, the Water and Sanitation Project and Aga Khan Schools have had lasting impact, improving the quality of life for communities across Pakistan.

The exhibition will begin in Karachi and then tour other parts of the country, allowing the Jamat and communities in different regions to experience this unique audio-visual journey.