Ismaili Students Network-Pakistan (ISN-P) is an initiative of the Aga Khan Education Board for Pakistan to bring university students – especially those pursuing Bachelor’s studies – on a single platform. ISN-P will aim to create opportunities for university students to network with each other and professionals through various networking events. The Network will also organize activities and events for students ranging from educational and career guidance seminars to mentoring and physical and mental wellbeing. The network will also collaborate with Jamati institutions to organize informational events and activities.

How will ISN-P be organized?

ISN-P will be organized as a student-led forum, with its own President, Vice President and Executive Committee selected through an extensive process. Given the diversity of interests and geographic spread, students will be organized by chapters based on their areas of interest. At the beginning, students will have the opportunity to also become members of one of the following chapters based on their field of study:

  1. ISN for Health Science Students
  2. ISN for Engineering, Computer Science and Natural Sciences Students
  3. ISN for Accounting, Finance and Management Students
  4. ISN for Social Sciences and Humanities Students
  5. ISN for Arts and Media Students

Based on the significant student interests, regional and local chapters can be formed to organize localized activities.

Who is eligible to be member?

Any Ismaili student who is currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s program in any university in Pakistan is eligible to become a member of ISN-P. The membership will remain valid until the students graduate from their Bachelor’s program.

How do I become a member?

You can become a member by completing a member request form on the link below.

You will be required to provide basic information and evidence of enrolment in the university when submitting the form.

Membership Registration

Contact Us

For any questions, comments or suggestions, email us at:

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