The Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board for Pakistan is bringing yet another exiting and intriguing new programme for the youth to showcase their talents through diverse expressions. Ismaili youth, between the ages of 12 and 19, may participate in one of the following three categories:

Craftwork using Recycled, Up-Scaled or Reused Materials:
Produce craftwork with recycled, up scaled or reused material readily available in your home and/or near your residence. The craftwork will be evaluated on originality, aesthetics and effective use of recycled, up scaled or reused materials. Potential examples include the use of used plastic bottles, old clothes, stones, etc. to produce craftwork.

Innovative Solutions to Real-World Issues:
Develop low-cost, innovative gadgets/technological solutions to address a real-world issue and/or enhance the quality of daily life chores. The technological solutions will be evaluated on originality, cost-effectiveness and relevance. Potential examples include an online application, a small robot, face masks, etc.

Vlogs on Social Issues:
Develop Vlogs on a social issue affecting our lives. The duration of the Vlog should be limited to three minutes and it should be shot without compromising on the social distancing guidelines issued by the government. The Vlogs will be evaluated on originality, relevance of the social issue and cohesiveness of the storyline (editing with sophisticated software is not required). Potential themes of a Vlog include education, health, climate change, poverty, family values, empathy, etc. Sensitive socio-political issues including religion, and/or issues that may incite provocation, are not allowed.

For registration and to submit your entries visit:

If you do not have easy internet access, or are unable to access this link, please contact members of the Youth and Sports Board who will facilitate you in making the submission Ismaili youth residing outside Pakistan are also welcome to participate. The last date for submission is 28th June 2020, so hurry up and register yourself.