The Shimshal Diamond Jubilee Women’s Band, in collaboration with Women’s Volunteers and Girl Guides, held band training sessions for women across the four Jamatkhanas of Shimshal. 

The training sessions took place over the course of a month. They culminated in a final session, which was attended not only by participating women but also by Jamati leadership and the general public. The purpose of the event was to encourage young women of the Jamat to learn a new skill and participate in Jamati events taking place in their communities. The final session was organised to show their progress to the leaders of the Jamat.

At Khizerabad Jamatkhana, which was visited first, the Jamat attended in large numbers to welcome the band and hear them perform. Honorary Secretary Ismaili Council for Khizerabad thanked the instructors and participants for their diligence. On the same day, a session was held at Central Jamatkhana Shimshal as well. Following these performances, the next day began with a visit to Farmanabad Jamatkhana and ended at Aminabad Jamatkhana, where the closing ceremony was held. The Jamati leaders thanked the instructors and handed out gifts as a token of their appreciation. The Diamond Jubilee Band performed for an appreciative audience.