Message from the Jamati Institutions for Pakistan

Dear Jamati members,

On behalf of the Jamati Institutions, we wanted to share some thoughts on the the global health challenge we are facing. While the Jamat should continue to be concerned and strictly practice preventative measures to control the spread of the COVID 19 coronavirus, it is important that we remain calm.

Presently, there is no vaccine for the virus but researchers around the world are working day and night to develop one quickly. In the meantime, the only way to control the spread of the virus is to act responsibly for the wellbeing of our families, friends, neighbours and collectively for the Jamat. Current advice recommends limiting going to public places as much as possible. Therefore, the safest option is to remain at home, particularly for seniors, those with underlying health conditions and their caregivers.

As a best practice, the Jamat should regularly follow updates from credible sources including the Government, the Aga Khan University Hospital and agencies of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) and the World Health Organisation (WHO). Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) and Aga Khan Health Board (AKHB) volunteers are available in Jamatkhanas at the designated timings to address Jamat’s health concerns.

We are all in this together as One Jamat, and we will overcome the challenge with our collective strength and prayers. Even though the physical space of a Jamatkhana is not accessible during these days, we should continue to be regular in our prayers and the practice of our faith at home or wherever we are. It will instill hope and confidence to cope with all hardships.

On behalf of the Jamati Institutions, Mukhis, Kamadias, Mukhianis and Kamadianis, we sincerely express our gratitude to the Jamat, for your understanding and support, and to our volunteers, who continue to serve with untiring dedication. We also pray for the good health and safety of our Jamat, our country, and humanity at large.

Jamati Leadership in Pakistan