Finding the right job is a challenge for job seekers. To assist people in Pakistan in this important endeavour, the Aga Khan Economic Planning Board for Pakistan (AKEPBP) has initiated an online portal called Mansab.

Mansab is an online HR partner, which brings together job seekers and employers, matching skills with requirements. It assists candidates in finding a workplace that best suits their abilities. A soft launch of the website was recently organised. HR professionals representing various companies were invited at this event to become part of Mansab.

Speaking at the event, Faizan Ajanee, Chairman of AKEPBP, shared, “We have a huge percentage of unemployed people, who, with our support, can help their families improve their quality of life. It is important that established members of the Jamat help others build a better life.”

The design of Mansab is built on a user-friendly and innovative technology. In a few simple steps, both job providers and seekers can create an online profile and proactively manage it by updating information whenever needed. An interactive dashboard, helps candidates easily access job opportunities. They can search job openings by location and preferences. Tehmina Kanchwala, HR professional at Alkaram, said, “Mansab could be a very helpful platform to look for potential candidates online.”

Mansab’s network of valuable partners throughout Pakistan helps job seekers access a variety of job openings. It aims to provide human capital management solutions to employers through effective recruitment. They can register through the website by providing information about their companies and update job openings as per their requirements. As a comprehensive HR platform, Mansab also helps build professional capacity by publishing articles and other career-related resources. Sharing his thoughts at the event, Mr Raza Hussain, Executive Director and HR Consultant from Excelerate said, “It is the first time that our institutions have come up with something like this; I predict that such platforms can help develop skills and bring out real talent from our community.”

Mansab helps job seekers and companies make the right connection. Join today at !