ITREB Pakistan organised a book launch ceremony for Dr. Shainool Jiwa’s pioneering work titled The Fatimids: The Rise of a Muslim Empire at the Movenpick Hotel on February 17, 2018 during the renowned IIS scholar's visit to Karachi.

The book is part of the World of Islam Series initiated by the Institute of Ismaili Studies in order to elucidate its 40 years of scholarship in the history, philosophy, theology, and literature of Islam and the Ismaili Tariqah. This book focuses on the story of 250 years of compassionate leadership and inclusive governance in the Mediterranean world where the Fatimids negotiated for a pluralistic society and in which they were greatly successful.

The leadership of Jamati and AKDN institutions, the intelligentsia of society, people belonging to the media community and representatives of Bohra and Ithna’ashari communities were invited to the book launch. Dr. Jiwa made an informative and insightful presentation in an informal interview setting. Participants felt as if they had been on a wonderful voyage of discovery and learning through history as they discussed the book and the era with the author and there was an enthusiastic crowd for the subsequent book signing by this learned author.