Good financial planning can help a family prepare for financial and economic changes. The Aga Khan Economic Planning Board for France recently launched a special programme specifically geared to families that promotes financial independence and well-being.

Financial planning should be a key, strategic concern for every family, irrespective of their financial situation. Good planning helps a family prepare for financial and economic changes over the short, medium, and long term.

The Aga Khan Economic Planning Board for France recently launched Let's Build Our Future, a special programme that promotes financial independence and well-being through planning and forward thinking.

The programme aims to help families understand that forecasting and planning for future economic development and wealth management is an integral way to ensure financial security in a difficult global economic context. In addition, it encourages the Jamat to consider longer-term solutions – 10, 20, and even 30 years ahead – through a family financial plan.

To accomplish these goals, Ismaili families in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Côte d'Ivoire are provided with a family financial planning tool that guides them through the preparatory process. In addition, they receive professional financial management consultations and coaching, which help them to manage their wealth, develop investment strategies, identify opportunities, and understand their financial needs and targets.

To implement the programme, the Economic Planning Board for France has partnered with Thesaurus, a specialised financial consulting company geared towards family financial planning. The partnership has proved fruitful – consultants are already working with families to evaluate their current situations and establish short and long-term financial projections.

About 300 people have already benefited from the programme, and many others across the region are using tools developed by the Economic Planning Board. Members of the Board are currently visiting the Jamats across France, Belgium, Switzerland and Côte d'Ivoire to answer their questions and help them learn more about financial planning for the family.For those that are new to the concept, financial planning can be challenging. Some families have not had the resources to undertake this kind of effort before, while others, such as entry-level earners, are only beginning to draw their first incomes. Let's Build Our Future has developed tools that specifically cater to these situations. They help to project future financial opportunities, while also allowing families to examine and manage their immediate incomes and expenditures.