Nairobi, 16 December 2015 — Over 290 athletes and some 2,000 spectators will be in Nairobi for the 2015 Kenya Ismaili Games this weekend. Ismailis from Burundi, Rwanda, South Africa, and Kenya will take part in the four-day national sport event being held between 17 – 20 December.

The Kenya Games will serve as a national qualifier for the international Jubilee Games slated for summer 2016 in Dubai.

Participants will showcase their prowess in a range of sports including traditional volleyball, throw ball, soccer, cricket, rounders, golf, badminton, chess, squash, tennis, table tennis, swimming and athletics.

While sporting events will fill the days, the evenings will be filled with social activities. Friday night will feature a concert and geet mehfil with Kamal Taj. This will be followed with Soko Moto — a bonfire night that is not to be forgotten. The evening will feature arts and crafts stalls, koroga style food, a dance competition and a mini-fête at the grounds of the Aga Khan Sport Club.

In the true spirit of unity, over 200 volunteers of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities have worked tirelessly over the past four months to put this event together.

Having hosted the Golden Jubilee Games in 2008, the Kenyan Jamat prides itself in supporting sporting excellence and looks forward to bringing everyone together in the weekend ahead.