A refreshed look and feel and several new features provide a richer, easier and more informative user experience. The redesign accompanies the launch of a new web-based Nutrition Centre together with the Aga Khan Health Board (UK).

Regular visitors to TheIsmaili.org will have noticed that the website has changed recently. As we approach the second anniversary of its launch – following the inauguration of Mawlana Hazar Imam's Golden Jubilee commemoration in July 2007 – the website has a new look and an updated feel, providing a richer, easier and more informative user experience.

Nutrition Centre launch

Coinciding with the unveiling of our redesign, TheIsmaili.org is pleased to join the Aga Khan Health Board (UK) in launching a web-based Nutrition Centre. As a resource for all who enjoy traditional foods of African, Central and South Asian, and Middle Eastern origin, it features a library of recipes annotated with nutritional information and healthy eating tips, and also Eating for Health, a regular column written by expert dietitians, to help us all eat healthier.

The Nutrition Centre draws on the findings of the South Asian Food Survey, a research project undertaken by the Aga Khan Health Board (UK) and co-funded by the Aga Khan Foundation (UK) and the British Government, to investigate the nutrient content of cooked foods common in the various South Asian groups living in the United Kingdom. First published in 2000, this data, although available to health professionals, has not been widely accessible by the general public – a gap that the Nutrition Centre aims to bridge. It has already received positive reviews from a number of important health bodies and professionals. A high profile launch for this section of the website has been organised by AKHB (UK), at the Ismaili Centre in London.

Features of the new design

Recognising the popularity of photographs among our users, the new website design seeks to improve their quality by increasing their size and quality. The top of the new homepage is a great example – each story is represented by a high-quality, wide image, with its title to the left. Our new lightbox-style presentation of multimedia content makes viewing images, photo galleries and video even more enjoyable.

Improving our users' ability to access website content was a prime consideration when we undertook this redesign. The website's homepage now features up to five times more stories than before. Furthermore, when an article is being viewed, links to related content are listed on the right. The suggested stories and multimedia items share common topics with the article being viewed. And the From the Archive feature on our homepage reminds users about older articles on the site. The Golden Jubilee Archive, accessible from the footer, gathers all materials published on the Golden Jubilee in one, easily-accessible place.

Finding content on the website is easier than ever. Browse by topic using the theme bar at the top of any page, or use Around the World, which sorts articles by geography. Users who are seeking something specific can try the search box located at the top-right corner of every page.

When an interesting story, video or image is found, a user can easily share it with friends and colleagues. In addition to standard email and printing options, the website provides simple access to a range of social media and bookmarking sites through the Bookmark & Share link on every page.

Several choices are available to users wishing to keep up with the latest content published on the website. Subscribe to real-time updates, and weekly or monthly email digests, or follow us through our RSS feed or on Twitter (@TheIsmaili).

Tell us what you think

TheIsmaili.org welcomes your comments and suggestions. Use our new feedback page to tell us what you think about the new design, or to let us know if you spot a problem somewhere on the website. As we launch the new look site, we would like to acknowledge the work of hundreds of volunteers around the world who have contributed to this site. We look forward to continuing to serve you as the worldwide Ismaili Muslim community's official website.