Nutrient Content of Recipes Per 100g Table

The Ismaili Nutrition Centre meticulously analyses every recipe so that you can compare recipes and make healthier choices. Although each person has their own nutritional requirements, choose lower calorie, lower fat, lower sugar, lower salt and higher fibre foods to manage your weight and reduce risks of non-communicable diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers.


As well as nutrients like protein and fat, many recipes in the database have also been analysed for vitamins and minerals*. Use this table to help you choose recipes that are lower in unhealthy nutrients like fat, sugar or salt, and higher in healthy nutrients like fibre, vitamin C, calcium or iron.


This table lists the nutrients per 100g. This allows you to compare different recipes weight for weight, so you can make better choices.  It is particularly helpful if you want to compare two or more versions of the same dish. If you want to find out the nutritional value of a portion of any recipe, look up the nutritional value per serving table.



* All recipes have not been analysed to the same extent, due to resource or data constraints at the time of publication.