Prince Amyn attended an event at the Aga Khan Museum on 22 November, where a new donor wall was unveiled to acknowledge friends, patrons, and supporters of the Museum.

During his remarks, Prince Amyn, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Museum, reminded guests of the Museum’s ambition: “a vision for a more connected, pluralistic world forged through the appreciation and preservation of art.”

He said that though the museum is young it stands apart from other museums notably because of its purpose, “which is to educate, to inspire, and to connect cultures through art. This Museum exists precisely at a time when there is an acute need for communication and understanding between Muslim and non-Muslim societies. Our ambition is to create a living link not only between past and present, Islam and the West, but perhaps most importantly, between people. We hope to change perceptions, to provide the knowledge and understanding that forever banishes isolation.”

Henry Kim, Director and CEO of the Aga Khan Museum, expressed deep gratitude to all the friends, patrons, and supporters of the Museum. As an Aga Khan Development Network institution, he explained the importance the Museum plays in achieving not only its own specific vision but also in linking its purpose to the Aga Khan Trust for Culture’s overarching objective, “that being the physical, social, cultural, and economic revitalisation of Muslim culture.”

His remarks were followed by the formal unveiling of the donor wall by Prince Amyn.

The large wall is installed by the auditorium entrance, parallel to the courtyard glass wall. The wall was designed to uphold and complement the elegant and timeless architecture of the Museum itself. The wall currently consists of 142 recognitions and will undergo ongoing updates to recognise continuing donor support.