On Sunday 9th July 2017 the Ismaili National Council for the United Kingdom hosted a reception for Mayor Sylvester Turner, the Mayor of Houston and members of the Houston Trade and Investment mission to the UK and Germany.

Mayor Turner and his delegation were welcomed to The Ismaili Centre, London, by Vice President of the Ismaili National Council for the United Kingdom, Dr Farhad Mawani, President of the Ismaili National Council for the Southwestern United States and members of the National Council for the United Kingdom.

The purpose of the visit was to develop and build upon the relationship built by the Ismaili leadership in Texas and to showcase The Ismaili Centre in London as an ambassadorial building to help position the value and contribution of an Ismaili Centre in the Houston.

During the course of the visit, discussions took place on the Ismaili community's commitment to a search for knowledge for the betterment of self and society; embracing pluralism by building bridges of peace and understanding; and the ethic of generously sharing one's time, talents, and material resources to improve the quality of life of the community and those among whom they live. 

The Mayor expressed his admiration for the “ethics of volunteerism that he has witnessed in the activities and the work of the Ismailis in Texas, which are as as alive and vibrant here, at The Ismaili Centre, London.” He also acknowledged and appreciated the value of pluralism to our community and the diversity that exists in the Muslim Ummah.

Concluding the day, Dr Shiraz Kabani, Head of Community Relations at the Insitute of the Ismaili Studies and an Alumni of the University of Houston, led the delegation on a private tour of the building highlighting the buildings architecture and principles of the faith.  Following the tour of The Ismaili Centre, the Mayor described it as “world class building that incorporates both prayer and community needs,” and that he was particularly impressed by the “incorporation of beautiful green spaces and water features in an urban building.”