Hyderabad, India, 10 April 2015 — Mawlana Hazar Imam visited the Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad today, to review the progress of the school. He was accompanied by Prince Aly Muhammad, Princess Zahra and her children, Sara and Iliyan.


Hazar Imam and his family members met teachers, staff and students as they toured the Junior and Senior schools, the athletics centre and the student residences. Some of the students had an opportunity to speak with them about their school projects.

Kais, a grade 10 student showcased a prototype solar-powered car that he had designed. His fascination with solar technology began when he was in grade 5, and he is intent on designing solar-powered cars in the future that take advantage of India’s climate.

Grade 11 student Khushboo is interested in social change. After volunteering in a Telugu-medium girls school in grade 9, she realised that students did not get exposure to English outside of a handful of lessons each week. She set out to build an English library and reading club in the school to help them improve their English and share her love of reading.

“There’s a lot that opens up to you when you read,” says Khushboo. “Books are like another teacher. They provide a stream of knowledge,” she said, adding that the students had improved their reading levels after the programme was established.

Today’s visit to the Academy was Mawlana Hazar Imam’s first since September 2013 when the school was inaugurated.

The Aga Khan Academy in Hyderabad is part of a global network of day and residential schools being established across South and Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The school provides talented girls and boys from all backgrounds with an all-round education of the highest international standards. Students are admitted based on merit, and a substantial number of full and partial bursaries are offered, ensuring that socio-economic status does not limit access.