London, 26 March 2015 — The Institute of Ismaili Studies is once again inviting applications to their annual Summer Programme on Islam. This year’s programme will be held in Toronto, Canada between 16 – 22 August.

Each year, the residential programme brings together a diverse group of Ismailis from different regions and professions to engage in an introductory study of Islam and contemporary issues facing Muslim societies. The seven-day programme provides a forum in which participants and faculty can develop frameworks and vocabulary to explore these matters.

The 2015 IIS Summer Programme in Islam is offered in collaboration with the Ismaili Tariqah and Religious Education Board for Canada and is open to post-graduate students, entrepreneurs and professionals from the Jamat who are proficient in English and have an undergraduate degree.

For further information and to apply online, visit The application deadline is 12 April 2015.