Nairobi, 19 October 2011 — With 2011 designated the International Year of Forests by the United Nations, the Aga Khan Development Network and Lions Clubs International committed to plant 1.5 million trees in Kenya by June 2012. 


The pledge was made at a tree planting ceremony in Nairobi City Park attended by the Honourable Noah Wekesa, Minister for Forestry and Wildlife, Lions Clubs International President Wing-Kun Tam and Prince Hussain.

“We are not just emphasising tree planting, but tree growing,” said Prince Hussain. “The long-term stewardship and husbandry of trees should be seen as creating viable assets for farmers and communities. We see sustainable tree growing as having a significant impact on both poverty alleviation and the environment.”

Kenya has one of the greatest rates of deforestation in Africa. To combat rapid deforestation and the subsequent effects of soil and water degradation, the Kenyan Government pledged in 2010 to increase forest cover by 10 per cent. The AKDN-Lions Clubs partnership will contribute to meeting that pledge.