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Local school children and Aga Khan Health Board volunteers armed with placards and slogans for Oral Cancer awareness.

A tiny, white or red spot or sore on the tongue could be the sign of something more serious!!! Yes Indeed!

In order to spread awareness on this in the masses, the National Communications team joined hands with Aga Khan Health Service, India and Aga Khan Health board for India along with the esteemed Prince Aly Khan hospital, Mumbai for a programme named ‘Nidaan’ (Diagnosis). Spread across two days, the aim of Nidaan was not only to raise awareness on Oral Cancer, but also to offer free checkup, guidance and support to deal with it, if detected.


Participants get creative at the art workshops.
Do you know what to look for when selecting an early childhood center for your child?
A winter view of the Ismaili Centre, Burnaby from the south-west.

The Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum (LIF) has announced that Mawlana Hazar Imam, at the invitation of the Government, has confirmed that he will visit Canada in early May 2018.