Navroz 2021


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Hafiz and the Haft Seen Adventure
Hafiz and the Haft Seen Adventure

Children's Programme (30 mins)


When Hafiz is put in charge of the Haft Seen table for Navroz, he wants to prove he can rise to the challenge all by himself - without including his little sister Zahra. Modar Kalon reads them the story of the lost signs of Spring, leading the siblings on an imaginary scavenger hunt for the seven items needed to free them from their winter blues. Along their journey, they learn the significance of each of the seven items from familiar friends and discover the true meaning of this special festival!

Languages: English, Urdu, Farsi, Arabic, Portuguese, French


Pebbles to Penguins: A Story of Renewal
Pebbles to Penguins: A Story of Renewal

Saturday Evening Programme (60 mins)


An original film production. Zoya, a healthcare professional in her early 30s, finds herself struggling with feelings of boredom and anxiety during the pandemic. Covering her life from Navroz 2020 to Navroz 2021, the film uses music and poetry to explore her physical and mental health, touching on the initial isolation, fear and anxiety, and moving on to coping skills, hope and connection through family and community. Over the span of a few months, comical conversations with her family and “slice of life” scenes reveal different aspects of her life.

Language: English


Hope Springs Eternal
Hope Springs Eternal

Sunday Evening Programme (30 mins)


Hope Springs Eternal is an inspirational and educational programme that explores the meaning and history of Navroz, touching on the diverse ways in which the festival is celebrated in different parts of the world, and the significance of the Haft Seen and rozi. The show focuses on messages of rebirth, rejuvenation and hope for the future, particularly as we can begin to imagine our lives beyond the pandemic. It incorporates verses of the Qur’an, quotes from Mawlana Hazar Imam, and devotional poetry from the Persian, Arabic and South Asian traditions.

Languages: English, Hindi, Farsi, Arabic w. Arabic subtitles, English with French subtitles, English with Portuguese subtitles

Additional Programmes

A Concert by Noor Band
A concert by Noor Band, a Tajik musical group.

An Ismaili TV Original series for the Farsi/Dari speaking Jamats. This premiere episode focuses on Navroz celebrations and the importance of poetry and literature.

Celebrating New Beginnings
The Council for USA in collaboration with The City of Houston, The Asia Society Texas Center, The Children’s Museum of Atlanta, The Children's Museum Houston, EarthX and The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, brings this special programme which aims to create awareness of Navroz and the various cultural traditions, highlighting the visual, performance, and culinary arts.

Dum Huma Dum Ali Ali - A Devotional Journey
The UK Council presents a devotional journey that includes music by Fitoor and poems from Shimmering Light, an Anthology of Ismaili Poetry in association with The Institute of Ismaili Studies. Considering the significant role music plays in the cultural, intellectual, and social lives of communities, Fitoor aims to keep musical traditions alive for both younger and older crowds by presenting traditional music with a new flavour.

Nawrus is Love and Goodness
A compilation of instrumental and vocal performances from the Jubilee Arts programme, celebrating the love and goodness of Nawrus. Presented by the Syria Council.

Navroz Show from Tajikistan
Tajik traditions and customs in the Navroz celebration.

At the Aga Khan Museum - Nature, Art, and Rebirth
Celebrate spring and Navroz as Dr Ulrike Al-Khamis, curator at the Aga Khan Museum, talks about how the world is coming alive this time of year. Experience the uplifting performances of Montreal artists Kiya Tabassian and Hamin Honari, and hear a warm conversation between Dr Filiz Cakir Phillip and Marianne Fenton on the fascination with tulips, a favourite springtime flower.

The Spirit of Nowruz - One Family, One Song
A film by Dr Farzin Rezaeian, award-winning documentary and educational producer, which explores the richness and diversity of the ancient tradition of Nowruz (New Year). This colourful and joyous festival is celebrated across cultures by over 300,000 people in various countries around the world.

Navroz 1400 - A Year of Change and Hope
Join the Afghanistan Jamat as they celebrate Navroz with music, song and dance using traditional instruments such as the rubab, ghichak and tabla.

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