How can we benefit from innovation and technology? What can we do, during this phase of restriction that would teach us something new? Women’s Activity gives the women of our community a brilliant idea. 

Women being an important part of our community are now sitting at home getting bored. During this uncertain phase, many women are not able to follow their daily routines; but by trying something new and different they will use their time wisely.

Women’s Activities suggests that the women of our community try something new, innovative and that could even become your personal passion project.  For example, starting a blog or a YouTube channel; seems fun. This can be done by using simple technology. It doesn’t have to be about something you don’t know. You can always talk about different recipes you know, or teach the audience how to sketch or make crafts as well; try teaching the audience a language you are excellent at. This won’t only make you use your time wisely but it will also make you more involved in technology and create side incomes.

Try it out, share it with your friends and family, and share it with us! We would love to see how this time in quarantine was used to create and innovate.