In whichever times, we always rely on the wisdom of few that support us, smile at us, are patient with us, guide us and walk with us during their lifetimes.

Ever wondered what life was like before technology? Most of us believe we have lived an era without modern technology. However, I believe we haven’t. There was always some kind of electronic gadgets around the kids who grew up in their 80s. 

People nowadays are delved into their own world thanks to modern technology. Text messages have replaced the handwritten letters that were sent out in the earlier days. It has most certainly increased the efficiency of delivering a message however, the essence has been misplaced. The feeling you get by the sight of your loved ones’ handwriting is one that cannot be replaced.

It may surprise some, but studies show that seniors are among the happiest of people due to their better coping abilities. Older people tend to have internal mechanisms to deal better with hardship or negative circumstances than those who are younger. This happier outlook on life is one of the many perks that comes with decades of experience that can indeed help us approach tricky situations in life.

We have been given the perfect opportunity to enjoy the each other’s company. The elderly have had a wholesome experience of life. They have so much wisdom to share from their life experiences. We can always learn a thing or two from them. Moreover, spending your precious time with the elderly also gives them purpose, as relationships are key to healthy aging.

Remember that they came to this world before us. They have seen what’s happened in the world. They have faced challenges and many hardships to provide the best and raise us into the person we are today. Seniors have a lot to contribute to society through their life experiences, so seeking counsel from an elder is time well spent. You will both appreciate the sentiment and gain from it.

Even if a senior’s hearing or memory isn’t what it was in the past, our elders have great wisdom to impart. It’s one thing to read about historical event, but it’s more engrossing to hear about it from someone with first-hand knowledge. Younger generations must learn the importance of respecting their elders and make time to listen and spend quality with them as these are the moments they can cherish forever.

Eat together; discuss family heritage, history and traditions. Once in a while remind them how much you appreciate & respect them. If there is a senior who has positively impacted you, make sure to share this with them and let them know; it will probably bring a smile to their face.


They smile, they laugh, they pray, they stay united and they keep us together. There’s always with us.

We are so fortunate to have you, learn from you, smile with you and walk with you. Thank you.

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