On 23 November 2021 an agreement was signed between the Norwegian Embassy in Mozambique and the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) Mozambique at the Norwegian Embassy in Mozambique.

The agreement was signed by the Minister Advisor of the Embassy, Sissel Idland, and the National Director of the AKF, Agostinho Mamade, in the presence of the Diplomatic Representative of the Aga Khan Network for Development in Mozambique, Nazim Ahamd, and the Ambassador of Norway, Haakon Gram-Johannessen.

The Agreement consists of the funding of $1.1M to be implemented by AKF Mozambique in Cabo Delgado Province, more specifically in the districts of Chiúre and Metuge and it is expected to reach 15,000 beneficiaries, of which 3,000 are internally displaced people, focusing on specific areas of intervention such as improving food security, social cohesion and socio-economic resilience.

The agricultural area will play a key role in the implementation of this program, namely through the capacity building of the Bilibiza Agricultural Institute (IABil) [Ocúa Campus - Chiúre District] which hosted 370 students and the entire teaching staff of the IABil in Quissanga (which was destroyed by insurgents in January and February 2020).

For further information please visit the link: https://www.akdn.org/project/norwegian-embassy-grant-enables-further-help-displaced-people-mozambique