World Environment Day

Celebrated on the 5th of June, we celebrate World Environment Day, for that, the theme for this week is "GO GREEN!"

Humans are quarantined but nature is most certainly not. The world continues its life. In fact, its thriving.70,000 Sea Turtles nest on empty beaches in Odisha after not being spotted last year. Dolphins and Seals are being spotted in areas they’ve not been seen in decades. Apart from the marine life, the absence of human is making the wildlife more active, the silver lining of this pandemic as one says. Peacocks in Mumbai, Sika deer in Japan, Mountain Goats in North Wales and Penguins in South Africa have been spotted walking the streets freely making the theme of World Environment Day 2020, Celebrating Biodiversity, more prominent.

Over the years, the skies grew thicker up until the stars were no longer seen. Now, the Himalayas is said to be seen by the locals from their homes for the first time in nearly 30 years due to significant drop in the pollution levels.

In this world of waste and wonder, where the skies are full of planes and land of cars, the diverse and abundant wildlife had forgotten what freedom felt like. From shores of India to the streets of Wales, animals are embracing the new normal. The air, the skies, the oceans and the earth continues to flourish without humans indicating that we are merely its guests not its masters.

Why weren’t the apocalyptic fires enough, the Super Hurricanes enough, the Vanishing Glaciers enough to open our eyes and show us the damage we humans and our activities cause the environment. Why did it take a virus for us to realize the harm we cause after getting a glimpse of the thriving, prosperous and blooming earth without us? Let us take this rare opportunity to re-imagine, re-define a new future. Let us start nurturing the oceans, the forests, the grasslands that nurture you. Earth has provided a window into a better world for us as it stopped to take a collective deep breath. Don’t underestimate your role as an individual, a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Let us nurture the nature today so we can have a better tomorrow.